Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair, May 2021

London Anarchist Bookfair, 2020

Anarchist Studies Network Conference, 2020

Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair, 2020

Antiuniversity, 2020

Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair, 2019



People never become altogether empty shells. A glimmer of life remains in the faceless Ensis and zeks who seem more like springs and wheels than like human beings. They are potential human beings. They are, after all, the living beings responsible for the cadaver’s coming to life, they are the ones who reproduce, wean and move the Leviathan. Its life is but a borrowed life; it neither breathes nor breeds; it is not even a living parasite; it is an excretion and they are the ones who excrete it.

The compulsive and compulsory reproduction of the cadaver’s life is the subject of more than one essay. Why do people do it? This is the great mystery of civilized life.

– Fredy Perlman